Call for the Program of Virtual Academic Mobility 2021/2022

Ajouté le : 06-May-2021
The International Academic Mobility Program for foreign students was created with the aim of offering qualification opportunities for young people who want to enjoy an intercultural experience

The Unis Group, through bilateral collaboration agreements, signed with foreign higher education institutions and, through participation in international academic cooperation networks, can receive students from five continents to participate in the Mobility Program, once it is a candidate for receiving foreign students from the most diverse nationalities and countries.

Virtual Academic Mobility was created with the aim of providing online internationalization opportunities, allowing foreign students, even from their country, to have access to classes in another language, either in Portuguese or English, and to have contact with Brazilian students and from other countries. While studying the subjects related to his original course.

The Virtual Academic Mobility Program is a way of guaranteeing institutional qualification, through constant curricular innovation, and the insertion of the university in the panorama of higher education institutions, national and foreign, that have opted for the internationalization process, even in the periods in which that is not possible that the foreign student is personally in our institution.
The deadline for registration is July 17, 2021;

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