(IAU Dark Skies Ambassadors) Covid -19 Dark sky activities

Ajouté le : 27-November-2020

Dark skies education programs:

1) Globe at Night worldwide citizen science program on light pollution: www.globeatnight.org <http://www.globeatnight.org/>

2) Dark Skies Rangers (program for 8 years to 13 years old):
https://www.globeatnight.org/dsr/ <https://www.globeatnight.org/dsr/>

3) Quality Lighting Teaching Kit (program for 11-15 years old):
https://www.noao.edu/education/qltkit.php <https://www.noao.edu/education/qltkit.php>

The last two websites are changing URL names soon since we are now NOIRLab instead of NOAO. These programs are not yet on the new www.noirlab.edu <http://www.noirlab.edu/> website in full but will be sometime in the future.

4) Turn on the Night kits (modeled after our Quality Lighting Teaching Kits) - sold by Laser Classroom. (However, we make no profit on these.)
https://laserclassroom.com/product/turn-on-the-night-stem-kit-single/ <https://laserclassroom.com/product/turn-on-the-night-stem-kit-single/>
https://laserclassroom.com/curriculum-guide-and-student-worksheets/ <https://laserclassroom.com/curriculum-guide-and-student-worksheets/>